Obamacare vs. the Affordable Care Act vs. the PPACA

The magazine I write for has used only one term for the healthcare reform law since day one: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. We have successfully resisted “Obamacare” in our reporting.

“The PPACA,” as we use in shorthand, may not be the hippest term nor the best for SEO, but given the latest poll findings and public confusion, we’re glad we stuck with it. Obamacare = The Affordable Care Act = The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but some people have come to believe these terms refer to two, even three, different things.

I wrote about this linguistic nightmare, and I really hope journalists and other influential communicators begin reigning in their unfettered use of “Obamacare.” The term has taken on a life of its own, as evidenced in this  wince-inducing clip from “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

(Also taking bets on when, if ever, The Associated Press will finally issue a style rule about what to call the healthcare reform law. That would be mighty nice. )