Molly Gamble

Month: May, 2014

Jill Abramson

“Listing Abramson’s management missteps last year, Politico reported that “she would regularly question top editors about why the Times did not have certain stories.” Gee. Isn’t that … her job?

Abramson’s experience suggests that, for many women, theconfidence gap is not that they have less faith in their abilities than men. It’s that (unlike men) they’re expected to downplay their confidence in order to seem nonthreatening and likable — or face professional consequences.”

“Jill Abramson Will Never Know Why She Got Fired” via NY Mag


Happy Derby Day

The greatest two minutes in sports, indeed.

Different types of “strong”

“It’s no longer just ‘I want to make something that’ll blow people’s minds,’ but more: I want to make something beautiful, safe and scary in all the right ways, loving and there for people. It’s not just about killing it 24/7 and Coming For Yr Job and being, like, empowering and kick-ass, or about wanting people to find that they are strong in simply a Robyn/CEO way, but letting people be strong human beings who can fully know and love themselves enough to extend that feeling to the world and populate our earth with good friendships, meaningful art, and stuff to make us all laugh.”

Tavi. Preach. 

Ok? Ok.

First, I’ll ask if you’ve seen the movie. Then, I’ll ask what you think he whispered. This routine will never grow tiresome.