Molly Gamble

Month: April, 2014

I knew a man in college who grew up in the inner city of Chicago & what he was doing in Iowa I never did figure out. But whenever he would see a jet trailing across the sky, he would stop everything he was doing & he would watch. Once, after a jet was gone & there was nothing left but the white line disappearing like a scar into the blue, he turned to me & said, An airplane is a miracle & I didn’t give it much thought, but now & then, when I am ready to give up hope for human beings in general, & for one or two of them who are bugging me specifically, I will look to the sky & there will be one of those miracles & I will remember it’s all about concentrating on the right thing. [Brian Andreas.]


This week

“Spend your days in wonder; spend your days in love with your weird town and your weird self. Spend your days listening to songs that make you feel kind.”


If you haven’t taken a Vitamin D supplement lately, just read these instead.


From Eden

Gotta love a song with a healthy dose of babe & honey’s.